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RebukeThe Serpent’s Rebuke

There has been much written concerning the Nag Hammadi Scrolls, discovered in the Egyptian desert in 1945 and the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in a cave 20 miles east of Jerusalem between 1947 and 1956.  Certain correlations between the two [...]

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T.RexFunk Soul Brother

Several years ago, Morris wanted to enter the arena of the ‘exploitation’ film.  Focusing on the ‘blaxploitation’ movie and ‘creature feature’ genre, it would blend the two into a mix of 70′s Harlem cop film and the dinosaur movies of [...]

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DrivingA little run around

Well known for his classic and performance car collection, a skilled driver and early member of the Auto-mobile Association, Warren liked nothing better than going for a little run in one of his ‘bubble cars’.   Here he is in [...]

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  Warren von Zaus, wearing the uniform of the Death’s Head Hussars.  Whilst difficult to gauge an exact date, I believe this image to be from the early 1900′s.

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Lovely F&MA Connoisseur of Fine Dining

Warren purchased the vast majority of his provisions from Fortnum and Mason of Piccadilly, London. The hampers for Christmas would start to arrive mid October, and there was always a whiff of excitement when his vintner came. The rest of [...]

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Chunky LoveChunky Love

A little known disco/motown hit by Morris and The Dazzlers.  The lyrics throughout the song are: Chunky… chunky l-o-v-e, Chunky… chunky l-o-v-e, Chunky-funky-love boop boop, Chunky-funky-love boop boop. © M. Zaus The ‘boop boop’ is accompanied by a single hand [...]

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The ButlerPast Retainers

The House of Zaus has never had staff or servants, they have always employed ‘retainers’.  Pre-twentieth century the job title would have been surf or minion, but as The House was brought kicking and biting into the beginning of last [...]

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Trebuchet SpecialPseudonyms of Morris

Being one of the idle rich, Morris rather likes to pretend he’s someone else to combat the boredom.  Here are a few of his more recent incarnations… Zeke Cobra – A cop on the edge, replete with aviator sunglasses, gun [...]

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MorrisThe Nephew

I first met Dr Zaus’ nephew Morris in 2006 at one of the Zaus Collection vaults in London.  Morris had received a letter from the good doctors solicitors informing him he was the sole beneficiary of the Zaus Legacy.  My [...]

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PyramidEgyptian Torment

Research using The Dead Sea and Nag Hammedi Scrolls, as well as documents hidden within libraries across the globe,  evidence has come to light concerning the truth behind the fanatical cat worship of Ancient Egypt.  Common knowledge believes that the [...]

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