Lovely F&M

A Connoisseur of Fine Dining

Warren purchased the vast majority of his provisions from Fortnum and Mason of Piccadilly, London. The hampers for Christmas would start to arrive mid October, and there was always a whiff of excitement when his vintner came. The rest of the edibles came from specialists across the globe. Allegedly, the duck feet and fish lips from Wong’s Emporium in Shanghai were ‘… the most fabulous things’.  The same can not be said of Morris.

Morris prefers to purchase his provisions from a less than salubrious fellow known as Welsh Berry.  Welsh Barry sells mainly meat and meat products from the back of a van parked in a lay-by on the A548, just outside Bagillt. “I like cheap sausages” says Morris regarding his choice in vendor. “I don’t care what’s in ‘em, I just like ‘em.”

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