A little run around

Well known for his classic and performance car collection, a skilled driver and early member of the Auto-mobile Association, Warren liked nothing better than going for a little run in one of his ‘bubble cars’.

Warren's Brütsch Mopetta


Here he is in his 1957 Brütsch Mopetta.  Designed by Egon Brütsch, there were only 14 ever made and Brütsch made this a gift to Warren soon after it rolled off the production line.  Warren won the 1959 Le Mans 24 hour race in this little thing, due to his excellent and uncanny driving abilities, and the fact there was no co-driver, and he never made a single pit-stop.

Another small piece of race trivia, he kept a single bowl of his favourite Dunhill London Mix tobacco alight throughout the whole of the race.

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