Funk Soul Brother

Several years ago, Morris wanted to enter the arena of the ‘exploitation’ film.  Focusing on the ‘blaxploitation’ movie and ‘creature feature’ genre, it would blend the two into a mix of 70′s Harlem cop film and the dinosaur movies of Ray Harryhausen.  Film titles ‘Punks in Pangaea’,  ‘Afro Cop Vs Big T’, and ‘Stop! Or my velociraptor will get you’, are titles that Morris wanted to take further into production.

He himself would takes the title roll of afro haired cop Marvin ‘Baby’ Jones, where the trilogy (to be known as the  ‘Brother in Paradise’ trilogy),  would revolve around him falling through a hole in the space time continuum and joining forces with rebel gang ‘The Punks’, to stop the creatures of Pangaea from coming through and wreaking havoc on 1970′s New York.  The ‘Big T’ of the second title is referring to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and though not coming from the Paleozoic era, the fun that could be had with a T’ Rex in Times Square was too much.  The third and final movie would be back in 70′s New York, where Morris has to revert to cop status and chase down his temporary allies of the previous movies, but with the aid of a velociraptor who saved his life at the end of the second film.

Filming actually began in early 2007, but after 3 days of shooting Morris fell off his stack heels whilst running, tripping on the enormous 48″ bell bottom trousers he was wearing.  Consequently, he spat out his proverbial dummy and filming has never resumed.

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