The Nephew

I first met Dr Zaus’ nephew Morris in 2006 at one of the Zaus Collection vaults in London.  Morris had received a letter from the good doctors solicitors informing him he was the sole beneficiary of the Zaus Legacy.  My mentor, before his passing, had given me instructions when and where to meet him and that I was to be factotum and advisor to the new denizen of the Zaus line.  He appeared quite shy at first, but soon grew into quite a demanding and headstrong individual, and I believe it will be a lifetime of service for myself to mould this young gentleman into someone the great doctor would be proud of.

Little is known of his past.  Born Morris WaaWaa Abaddon Zaus in Wrexham, North Wales, he came to live at Zaus House in October of 2006 just after having been advised of his new circumstance.  He became interested in many new activities that he had not been introduced to previously.  Cookery, cocktail making and trifle balancing in the back seat of a fast moving car became three of his favourite occupations to while away his idle rich hours.  He is slowly being schooled in the ways of the Zaus Empire, however I fear it may be sometime before the realisation of the true nature of his position becomes clear to him.  Though it may be out of place for me to say this, I believe him a simple creature who will need much teaching before being given the keys to the kingdom.  As a humble cleric of House Zaus, this duty falls to me.  I believe they will be interesting times.

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