A Musical Dynasty

The House of Zaus has always been musical.  The Good Doctor, a maestro of conducting and a percussion genius, could play the sistrum* and make warlords weep and cities crumble. His conducting (especially of Wagner), would make orchestras cry for their mothers, and his version of Verdi’s ‘Requiem’ brought the house down… literally.

However it is the younger Zaus who piques our interest at this point.  You may be familiar with Morris and the Dazzlers, but less familiar with another of Morris’s musical endeavours, The Morris Zaus Project.  Described by Morris as a blend of progressive funk, soul, jazz and electronica, he played several dates in Hamburg, Rotterdam and Cheam where the reviews were less than kind.  The Cheam Evening Gazette described it as… ‘Four hours of my life I will never get back.  Four hours of tooting, hooting, banging and thumping, accompanied by the strangled sound of someone choking on a biscuit’.  Hamburg World said… ‘Nein! Nein! Nein!’, and The Rotterdam Daily News simply stated… ‘Hulp Ons…’, roughly translated as ‘Help Us…’.  His 27 minute opus ‘Funk for Triangle’, which, in effect, is 27 minutes of repetitive banging on a triangle, is something that needs further work.  He is hoping to continue working with ‘The Project’, though many musicians are reluctant to collaborate on account of Morris’s strenuous rehearsal schedule and harsh criticism.

Recently, Morris has taken to wearing a One-man Band ensemble around the house.  This can be rather irksome for those of us trying to work peacefully.  However, his knee cymbals give away his location and thus we can move to safety, before he finds us and enforces us to watch his rendition of ‘The Sound of Music’, complete with nun outfit and goat.

*N.B. It is noted the Egyptian sistrum possibly originated with the worship of Bastet.  The goddess with the head of a cat.

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