Sticks, stones and swords

There are many strange and unusual items in the Zaus Collection.  Boxes, crates, envelopes and whole rooms hold treasures beyond measure, priceless and irreplaceable. I have the honour of cataloguing this abundance of riches, and feel a lifetime of work is ahead of me. Three such items are held in one of the vaults located in the north of England.  As this vault is the closest to Zaus House, this is where my cataloguing begins.

Figure 1: Aaron's Staff

The first item is a wooden staff.  Made of cedar wood and roughly five feet in height, it is just plain wood with no added ornamentation.  Little is known of how it came into the collection as it is not recorded as being found at any of the archaeological digs, sponsored by the Zaus Foundation.  It is believed to have come into Zaus hands around 400 years ago when a previous factotum was travelling through Anatolia and the near East.  It has been dated to approximately 1200 BCE and has salt crystals from the Red Sea embedded in it’s wood. There is little else to say about it other than on occasion it turns into a snake and periodically, anyone standing close by breaks out in boils.

The second unusual item is a rather insignificant looking stone.  Roughly the size of an old British penny piece and  approximately 5mm in width, it is smooth and the colour of warm sand.  Pleasing to the touch, whenever Warren popped it in his mouth and sucked for several seconds, his whiskers would quiver and his fur would look even more luxurious (if that were possible), than usual.  Another sparkle would appear in his eye and he would clap his paws with glee and exclaim ‘Hmmmm, splendid.  So much time and so many things to achieve’.  He would promptly fall into a short nap, after which he would order a light supper and go about his business.  It is noted there was an alchemist named  Zosimus, AD 250, who believed all substances were composed of the four elements of nature, Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Figure 2: Portrait of The Sword

The final item in this little segment is a sword.  While many swords are held in the Zaus collection, none of them glow with a faint blue light and has the name Michael, engraved in Enochian on the hilt.  The blade being over six feet in length, the sword hangs in it’s own room by no obvious means of support, the smell of ozone and a faint electrical hum can he heard when standing close by.  Whenever Warren wished to think in solitude, he was often seen entering the room and observed to meditate for hours, levitating roughly three feet from the ground.


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