The Grand Tour

Greetings regular subscriber.  The holiday season is upon us and I apologise for the lack of postings herein.  Morris is on his Grand Tour, and myself and other minions are taking time to get House Zaus in order while he is busy.  It may not be Paris, Berlin and Rome (he’s been banned from all three!), instead he’s been to Scarborough, Whitby and Filey.

All was going well until he arrived at Whitby Abbey, whereupon he proceeded to inform other visitors of the time his Uncle Warren met a certain Romanian Count and attempted to jab a spike through his heart.  He became most agitated when no one believed him and decided to take his ire out upon some waste baskets.  He was given a public nuisance order and asked to move along.  It was most embarrassing for one of my colleagues who had to go and pick him up, especially when they were leaving.  Morris was still rather upset and proceeded to shout ‘It’s bloody boring here.  All fossils and chip shops’ from out of the car window.  Needless to say he was brought straight home and never made Filey.

Next week, he’s off to Morecambe, Blackpool and Fleetwood.  I think he maybe better behaved as I believe he’s premièring his One ‘Man’ Show entitled ‘Scandal’* at Funny Girls.  He’s spent most of his spare time sewing sequins on his costume and choosing appropriate head wear for each musical number.  The other minions and I are still attempting to bring some order to the House Zaus archives, libraries and collections.

* Morris is hoping to take ‘Scandal’ to the West End sometime in the New Year.  More news will be forthcoming as it isn’t finished yet.

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