Did you also know…?

… that Narnia really does exist and can be accessed from various portals across the globe?  Warren was, and still is, a frequent visitor, generally advising Aslan on the various happening of this and other universes and fighting off the attentions of Jadis, the White Witch, ‘She’s bloody insufferable’ he once commented, ‘I’ll never take her a box of Turkish Delight again’.

Morris has only visited once and has been banned.  Mr Tumnus has never, and will never, be the same again.  He also had a run in with Father Christmas, but that’s another story.  He is often heard banging on the wardrobe door in the middle of the night shouting ‘Let me in you ba****ds’, which is distressing for us at House Zaus as we can’t sleep because of the racket.

Warren also visited Oz on a number of occasions, but didn’t like it.  He found the Munchkins rather disturbing.

Well, wouldn’t you?

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