Nordic Dazzlers

Work, research and all things sensible have been on hold at House Zaus during the month of November.  We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of ‘Skyrim’. A ‘computer’ game of note and worth.  This arrived a week or so ago and Morris very kindly gave us a few days off to play.  He was so impressed he requisitioned a complete suit of Viking armour to be made for himself and a full size replica longboat for him to play with on the lake.  The swans are not happy.

However, with much mirth and joy comes sorrow and disappointment.  We have been informed that two of the venues pencilled in for the Dazzlers comeback tour have pulled out.  Ludlow Arts Centre and High Wycome Recreational Arena have cancelled their dates after hearing reports of previous Dazzler tours and the mayhem and destruction Morris can cause when his rider isn’t to his specific standard.  Puffin eggs, rhubarb juice, the complete works of Catherine Cookson and pickled walnuts are not always easy to find in Staines on a Saturday night.

So far, Budokan has neither confirmed nor denied tentative dates, so watch this space.


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