Ho Ho… oh!

The festive season has now taken a tentative grasp of House Zaus, and myself and the other minions are looking forward to our time off.  Young Master Morris has allowed us from 8pm Christmas Eve until 8am Boxing Day as time for rest and reflection.  We’ve even been allowed crackers for our Christmas lunch celebrations.  The 20 foot tall tree has finally arrived from Norway and looks delightful in the Great Hall.  The only problem is it came with a couple of birds nests, complete with birds and they’ve made a hell of a mess of the curtains.

We’re hoping Santa Klaus will come visit us this year as in previous years he’s stayed away as a matter of protest.  Every year since time immemorial, the Zaus’s have been allowed to hunt one of Santa’s elves.  This is in remembrance of the sacrifices made in old Norse times to Odin for a safe passage through winter and a successful year ahead.  Unfortunately, when Morris arrived, he got rather carried away and brought down a breeding pair.  It was quite sad on reflection.  The female of the brace died instantly.  The male survived long enough to crawl over to her and hold her in his arms until he too passed away to the great beyond…  Anyhoo…

He has been a well behaved boy and reformed character for the last few years so a visit from Frau Holle would be very welcome.  He has however made a list of gifts he would like to receive and these have been sent out to various embassies, institutions and societies.  We did tell him just to put a note to Father Christmas in the box at the post office but he was having none of it.  We also explained it was impolite to ask people for gifts, especially as the world is going through austere times but he said Angela Merkel was a personal friend.  What can you do?  We minions are happy with our day off, crackers and turkey dinner, then back to it and the cataloguing of all things Zaus.  Some people say 2012 will bring the end of the world, we at House Zaus believe it is the beginning of something awesome.

So dear reader, I am away to make mince pies and mulled wine and start putting the lights up along the main drive.  I am hoping the wind and rain will keep off but in this part of the world it’s unlikely.  My macintosh and galoshes are always at hand and I will fix a stout rope about my waist.  For now I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous and peaceful New Year.

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