2012 already

Heavens above,  already the middle of January and so much work to do, though I do wish a happy and prosperous New Year to all our readers from all at House Zaus.  We had a very pleasant holiday but now all decorations are down, mince pies eaten and the serious work of cataloguing, researching and recording begins.  We hope to bring you more images from the Zaus archives, more findings from across the Zaus Empire and more questions than we can answer at present, including: Who was Gilgamesh, and did he really have a pair of moleskin slippers with peacock feather lining?  Has Ragnarök already occurred and will it happen again?  Just what was that egg shaped object hovering over Liverpool in 1942?  And most interestingly, The Zaus Metro, a vast underground, continent crossing system that puts the London, Moscow and Paris systems to shame.

We hope, dear reader, you will continue on our journey with us, and may your eyes be opened and your brain be tickled and teased with what we have to offer.  Some say 2012 will bring the end of the world, we here at House Zaus say… in the words of the song… it’s only just begun.

~Mox Nox In Rem~

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