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underground2012 already

Heavens above,  already the middle of January and so much work to do, though I do wish a happy and prosperous New Year to all our readers from all at House Zaus.  We had a very pleasant holiday but now [...]

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vikingNordic Dazzlers

Work, research and all things sensible have been on hold at House Zaus during the month of November.  We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of ‘Skyrim’. A ‘computer’ game of note and worth.  This arrived a week or so [...]

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LampPostDid you also know…?

… that Narnia really does exist and can be accessed from various portals across the globe?  Warren was, and still is, a frequent visitor, generally advising Aslan on the various happening of this and other universes and fighting off the [...]

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Humphrey-BogartA New Season

Greetings, once again, regular subscriber.  Here we are, all back at House Zaus.  Holidays a distant memory, law suits dealt with, curtains vacuumed and kitchen cupboards emptied for the local harvest festival.  Autumn is approaching and the serious work of [...]

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question_markDid you know…?

… that Warren Zaus has the largest collection of ornamental thimbles in the world?  A room at Zaus House is dedicated to them and the numbers run into the tens of thousands.  His particular favourite is one he bought on [...]

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summerholsThe Grand Tour

Greetings regular subscriber.  The holiday season is upon us and I apologise for the lack of postings herein.  Morris is on his Grand Tour, and myself and other minions are taking time to get House Zaus in order while he [...]

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Lovely F&MA Connoisseur of Fine Dining

Warren purchased the vast majority of his provisions from Fortnum and Mason of Piccadilly, London. The hampers for Christmas would start to arrive mid October, and there was always a whiff of excitement when his vintner came. The rest of [...]

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