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Before antiquity, before the great races of Man, the Sumerians, Mesopotamians, Welsh… before words were inked on paper or carved in stone, before Eve decided she fancied an apple, there was The Great Work. The moment when forces rip through the Universe and throw the space and time continuum into a whole new manifold of experimental variables. These moments are when The Work is at it’s finest. Destiny is re-written.

ouroborosThe Zen of Zaus

The Great Work was known to have been a Zen Master.  Some of his words however have been slightly altered as it was thought the Hoi-polloi would not understand the original, and true meaning.  The acknowledgement of zen master Sêng-chao/Sõjõ [...]

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Leonardo da Vinci-Human ProportionContrivance’s and Contraptions

Warren Zaus was a renowned ‘tinkerer’.  A potterer in sheds, an alchemist in the laboratory, a browser in the library.  He created many items we take for granted in the 21st century.  The bedroom slipper, bombay mix and the ‘ewbank’, [...]

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RebukeThe Serpent’s Rebuke

There has been much written concerning the Nag Hammadi Scrolls, discovered in the Egyptian desert in 1945 and the Dead Sea Scrolls, found in a cave 20 miles east of Jerusalem between 1947 and 1956.  Certain correlations between the two [...]

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PyramidEgyptian Torment

Research using The Dead Sea and Nag Hammedi Scrolls, as well as documents hidden within libraries across the globe,  evidence has come to light concerning the truth behind the fanatical cat worship of Ancient Egypt.  Common knowledge believes that the [...]

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