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These writings concentrate on those moments in history when the world changes slightly. A ripple through the empyrean, a shudder in the psyche. Or maybe that moment after a nice cup of tea and a biscuit. A jotting in time.

closed_signHoliday Opening Hours

House Zaus is now closed for the duration of 2011. We will open again in 2012… sometime in January. A very Merry Christmas and a peaceful and prosperous New Year to you all. Best Wishes from The Cleric and the [...]

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odinHo Ho… oh!

The festive season has now taken a tentative grasp of House Zaus, and myself and the other minions are looking forward to our time off.  Young Master Morris has allowed us from 8pm Christmas Eve until 8am Boxing Day as [...]

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brownie-6-16-art-decoThe Battle for Liverpool

The following image was taken from the docks in Birkenhead by an ARP Warden during a winters evening in 1942.  The gentleman, now deceased, wished to remain anonymous. He said the air was clear and cold as he and his [...]

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MusicalNotesA Musical Dynasty

The House of Zaus has always been musical.  The Good Doctor, a maestro of conducting and a percussion genius, could play the sistrum* and make warlords weep and cities crumble. His conducting (especially of Wagner), would make orchestras cry for [...]

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Being a long lived and adventurous character, Dr Zaus had several nemeses.  The most notable of these being Pat Boone, the American singer and actor.  Unfortunately, we don’t know the reasons why. It all came to light when myself and [...]

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ouroborosThe Zen of Zaus

The Great Work was known to have been a Zen Master.  Some of his words however have been slightly altered as it was thought the Hoi-polloi would not understand the original, and true meaning.  The acknowledgement of zen master Sêng-chao/Sõjõ [...]

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Leonardo da Vinci-Human ProportionContrivance’s and Contraptions

Warren Zaus was a renowned ‘tinkerer’.  A potterer in sheds, an alchemist in the laboratory, a browser in the library.  He created many items we take for granted in the 21st century.  The bedroom slipper, bombay mix and the ‘ewbank’, [...]

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The ButlerPast Retainers

The House of Zaus has never had staff or servants, they have always employed ‘retainers’.  Pre-twentieth century the job title would have been surf or minion, but as The House was brought kicking and biting into the beginning of last [...]

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Richard WagnerStigmata at Beyreuth

The first Beyreuth Festival, that joyous spectacle of all thing Wagnerian, occurred in 1876, or so history would have us believe.  The first festival, in actuality, occurred several years previously.  The horrors that occurred there are never spoken of for [...]

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