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Have you seen the very last scene of Indianna Jones and The Raiders of the Lost Ark? Row upon row of crates as far as they eye can see. This image and concept was loosely based on the Zaus Collection. Though Lucas and Spielberg would (and never will) admit to it. Housed at several sites on and off world, The Collection is home to a myriad of artifacts that could destroy worlds and create them anew. This is an ongoing catalogue of these antiquities and objet d’art.

Humphrey-BogartA New Season

Greetings, once again, regular subscriber.  Here we are, all back at House Zaus.  Holidays a distant memory, law suits dealt with, curtains vacuumed and kitchen cupboards emptied for the local harvest festival.  Autumn is approaching and the serious work of [...]

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brownie-6-16-art-decoThe Battle for Liverpool

The following image was taken from the docks in Birkenhead by an ARP Warden during a winters evening in 1942.  The gentleman, now deceased, wished to remain anonymous. He said the air was clear and cold as he and his [...]

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parting-red-seaSticks, stones and swords

There are many strange and unusual items in the Zaus Collection.  Boxes, crates, envelopes and whole rooms hold treasures beyond measure, priceless and irreplaceable. I have the honour of cataloguing this abundance of riches, and feel a lifetime of work [...]

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DrivingA little run around

Well known for his classic and performance car collection, a skilled driver and early member of the Auto-mobile Association, Warren liked nothing better than going for a little run in one of his ‘bubble cars’.   Here he is in [...]

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The ButlerPast Retainers

The House of Zaus has never had staff or servants, they have always employed ‘retainers’.  Pre-twentieth century the job title would have been surf or minion, but as The House was brought kicking and biting into the beginning of last [...]

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Ruby RingA Ring of Madness

“A ring of gold and ruby, many faceted and as old as Gomorrah.” This object of perturbation has been in the Zaus collection for millenia.  Little is known regarding it’s acquisition, though the scant documents at hand regarding this item, [...]

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