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These are the exploits of Morris, the 21st Century Zaus. Whereas Warren was regal and sublime, Morris is a little less so. However, his journey is no less interesting.

odinHo Ho… oh!

The festive season has now taken a tentative grasp of House Zaus, and myself and the other minions are looking forward to our time off.  Young Master Morris has allowed us from 8pm Christmas Eve until 8am Boxing Day as [...]

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JapanNo Dazzles for the Orient

It has come to our attention that the Dazzlers concert at Nippon Budokan will no longer be taking place.  Surprisingly, this is not the fault of the venue.  Bless them, they had managed to get everything on the rider list [...]

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Van-CleefRiders on the storm

I have been asked by the curious and nosy alike, what does Morris have on his rider when performing with the Dazzlers?  A reasonably comprehensive list has been drawn up from previous tours, though this is subject to change on [...]

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vikingNordic Dazzlers

Work, research and all things sensible have been on hold at House Zaus during the month of November.  We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of ‘Skyrim’. A ‘computer’ game of note and worth.  This arrived a week or so [...]

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ChaChaChaStrictly Ballroom in Belarus

Several months ago, Morris was invited to participate in the Belarusian version of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.  Apparently, one of their regular professionals had to drop out due to a severe toe injury and was therefore unable to rumba, cha cha [...]

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summerholsThe Grand Tour

Greetings regular subscriber.  The holiday season is upon us and I apologise for the lack of postings herein.  Morris is on his Grand Tour, and myself and other minions are taking time to get House Zaus in order while he [...]

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discoDazzler Dates

Fans of Morris and The Dazzlers get out your diaries, dates are tentatively set for the comeback tour. Unfortunately there are only three dates available. This is due to the fact only three venues are willing to allow them back [...]

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T.RexFunk Soul Brother

Several years ago, Morris wanted to enter the arena of the ‘exploitation’ film.  Focusing on the ‘blaxploitation’ movie and ‘creature feature’ genre, it would blend the two into a mix of 70′s Harlem cop film and the dinosaur movies of [...]

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Chunky LoveChunky Love

A little known disco/motown hit by Morris and The Dazzlers.  The lyrics throughout the song are: Chunky… chunky l-o-v-e, Chunky… chunky l-o-v-e, Chunky-funky-love boop boop, Chunky-funky-love boop boop. © M. Zaus The ‘boop boop’ is accompanied by a single hand [...]

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Trebuchet SpecialPseudonyms of Morris

Being one of the idle rich, Morris rather likes to pretend he’s someone else to combat the boredom.  Here are a few of his more recent incarnations… Zeke Cobra – A cop on the edge, replete with aviator sunglasses, gun [...]

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